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Social Security Number (SSN) verification and address update services

Append name and address to SSN.

Locate Lost Alumni, Policy Holders, Customers, Update Mail Lists.

This service is provided for both batches and individual social security numbers. Searches by social security number or name can be done on-line from your computer directly to our server via secure SSL encryption.

The social security number search provides information on a person's name, aliases, current and former addresses, and zip codes. When available, it also supplies date of birth, age, and current and prior phone numbers. This search is an excellent method for locating people, validating a social security number, or obtaining an address history. The information in this report can date back as far as twenty years and is current to the present month. There are only a few credible commercial data sources containing up to date information of this kind. Many Internet vendors of this data rely on old outdated information. If you see a vendor offering to provide a social security number search instantly on line when you pay by credit card, it's very probable that they are using old out dated data. We require our customers to be verified as to their identity and purpose for obtaining this information. We use all major credible sources when we do our searches. We can search through one source or all of them at the same time. Your report is formatted so as to not show any duplicated information. A search of this type takes only a few seconds and your report is instantly available.

We have several search options available. You can search with only the social security number. You can search with only the name and the last four digits of the social security number. You can search using name and an old address for the individual. We will show you where they live now as well as all other locations they've lived going back 20 or more years.

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