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Online Death File Processing

Search the SSA Death Master File Online by ssn, name, name and dob or even NAIC complaint fuzzy logic.

This service is available over the Internet via a secure connection from your computer direct to our online server. You can search the entire Social Security Administration Death Master File either by SSN, name, name and date or birth or fuzzy logic. Searches may be done either interactively (one at a time) or by submitting a batch of numbers or names to search. We update The Death Master File from the Social Security Administration every week. In addition to death file data from the Social Security Administration, we supplement the SSA deceased Master File with an additional 20 to 30 thousand additional records each month that we receive directly from several states.

With the online searchable version of the Death Master File, you no longer have to maintain this large database yourself on your system. We update The Death Master File every week insuring that you have the very latest data. In addition to processing your files through the Death Master File to alert you to individuals who may have died, we will also flag any Social Security Numbers that are invalid / never assigned. A never assigned Social Security Number will never appear in the Death Master File so it is important that your records be corrected in those cases. We can even tell you what the persons Social Security Number should be if necessary.

Our death file processing pricing includes social security number validation.

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